Happy New Year

Just a message to wish you a

Happy New Year

Best Wishes From Us For 2010


Striped Socks

I like my knee highed stripey socks
they keep me warm and really rock
they dont really suit me but what can you do
i did have coloured pairs including pink and blue

I wear them pretty much all the time
they really cool and their all mine.


Christmas is not far away
it will be here in a few days
i want it to be over and done with

Christmas is about presents and family coming together
not be on your own and left to suffer
at least it be new year soon, new year, new start!?

Why is christmas always so depressing every year!?
Christmas just hasnt been the same since you've gone
my family is a big old mess.. and i dont know what to do thats best!



sit alone in my room tears welling in my eye
i cant help but feel my life is passing me by
i cry cry and cry some more but nothing seems to work
all i am doing is upsetting myself and driving me bisurk
i dont deserve this life i dont deserve to be me
why cant i just rot alone or walk into the sea
no one sees me hurting or knows what to say
i thought i did myself proud for what i done today
being brave is very hard and not easy to come by
but now all i am doing is questioning myself and cant work out why
for world is just a big scarey place with loads of random people in
i feel like hanging from a tree having my bits dumped or binned
i love my family alot i do to the moon and back
but all i am to everyone is just a bit of slack
i wish i was normal so people may even want me
but no one seems to want me or take me as i be