The Sea

i sit on the prominade and i watch the sea
the waves crashing upon the sand
the sound of the waves and the smell of the sea entice me
i feel like its calling me to join in the fun
to swim and dance with the fish under the sun
i like the idea of the sea being blue
what doesnt make sense is to how the water in my glass is clear

The Fire..

I look into the fire burning away
i sit beside it each and every day
i watch the flames flicker in the air
i cant help but sit watch and stare
the feeling of warmth is hitting my face
thinking of things i feel some embrace
i watch the colours orange and yellow and blue
i feel at one with the fire like me talking to you

If I Was Blind..

if i was blind i would miss the the face i look at before i sleep
but then these are the thoughts, the memories i would keep.
if i was blind i would miss the site of the fire glowing and burning
for missing the site i would end up yearning.
if i was blind i would miss the site of the stars up so very very high
the blackness and the dots of stars and planets up in the sky.
if i was blind i would miss the site of the waves crashing at sea
this memory would be the best one to someone like me.
if i was blind i would miss the site of my family smiling at me
the memories would last but dont know how long for you see?
if i was blind i would miss the television progammes that i like
although there aint much else on to watch on it
if i was blind i would miss the friends that bother with me
the ones that care the ones that worry about me.

If i was blind it would be a big loss, as i would have memories and things to remember for as long as i will live.

If I Wasn't Me..

If i wasnt Me, do you know what i would like to be!?

I would like to be a dolphin swimming in the deep blue sea
an animal so intellegent and so beautiful to see

If i wasnt me, do you what i would be?
a white tiger prowling through the depths of the jungle
pouncing and growling and hunting through the big open jungle

If i wasnt me do you what i would be?
I would like to be a killer whale riding the crashing waves
for being a giant animal is great and at least i would be brave

If i wasnt me do you know what i would be?
i would be a rabbit running wild and free
reproducing every day is the best way to be

If i wasnt me do yo what i would be?
i would be a wasp or a big bumble bee
to come find you and sting you till you beg for mercy

Out of all the animals and creatures i'd like to be, i have to pick one and which would i choose!?
if i had to be an animal i would pick a Orca Killer Whale for they are pretty big and powerful and i could then be something other than me!

why are things difficult...?

why are things so difficult for me to be what i am
for now i seem invisible what happened to little old sam?
things have changed not for good but i guess for the worse
i feel as thought i have been hit with something maybe even a curse?
i am not well and i am not better i just keep going down hill
i am smoking so much more than i used to because it can kill
but i dont know why i try to do it when i scared and dont really want to die
its a stupid thing that is and i keep trying to ask myself why
but never can i find the answer to carry on and be myself anymore
i look and feel as thought i have been battling so many wars
that i just want to give in and let them people win now
i think of what i used to be and what i have become i hope i can go back some how
but for now this needs fixing and sorted so they can go back to what they used to be
i want to fit in i want to be free of this curse that has been placed upon me


For My Bunny My Best Friend

Nibbles (RIP 3.06.05 to 08.04.07)

Nibbles my lovely lil rabbit
why did god come and take you away
i miss you more each day,
why does things end this way?

it feels it was only yesterday i held you in my hands
i would bring u back if only i had a few magic wands
i am sorry i havent really said goodbye
i dont want to and i dont know why

you were the best friend a young woman could ever have!
no other rabbit or person comes close to what we had!
i talked to you as if you were human
although you never replied, but thats because you cannot talk!

i miss them little kisses you always gave us
it feels as thought i often feel you licking again
i hope u knew how much i loved you when i wasnt around
i know i should had taken you to preston, but i wasnt aloud

i still came back and you was always excited to see me
just wish you was still here so i can hug thee
your always in my heart and most certainly in my mind
thinking about you and the things we shared helps me unwind

i got you on the 3rd of june
i was so excited and lucky to have had you
thanks for being a great pal to me and my family
just a shame that we will have to miss you now for all eternity

Written 14th july 2007

this is a poem i wrote for my Bunny/Best Friend Nibbles, i got him when he was a baby and he sat in the palm of my hands.. he was tiny, dearly missed to this day..

This is Nibbles, i got him on the 3rd June 2005 just a few days after my 18th Birthday.

This is Nibbles bit bigger, a few months or so before he died

This is a video that i made of Nibbles's images, and used a song from Oliver & Company a disney film, admittedly about a cat, but the song was meaningful to me and Nibbles, as i said he was my best friend.

For My Nanny Lee (RIP 21.06.1940 - 06.03.1996)

wow 11 years have kinda flew by
all i seem to want to know is why
you left so soon without a proper goodbye
well now your safe up in the sky up so high

its a shame i dont remember much about you
but mum fills me in the bits that she knew
i was young when you had fell asleep and never woke up
but now i wish you was here to see me grow up

i know you are one of gods angel now
and i can seem to say is wow
i hope you found our kimberley up in the sky
and hope you are both looking down on us from up so high

you are always going to be my nanny lee
i guess sometimes things have to be
we all miss you and wish you hadn't left
but maybe sometimes we think it might had been for the best

goodnight gods angel up so high
when i look up at the stars i think of you in the sky
the sky is blue and the clouds are white
but without you blimey it bites!

written 25th june 2007

..I wrote this whilst i was thinking about my Nanny Lee.. although i dont remember much about her, i did my best! (i was 9 when she died)

Below are some pictures that i made with a website called Imikimi.


How I Often Feel

I have gone off the rails,
Ive fallen far from the train,
I dont want to walk this path,
Right under the pouring rain.

Im soaking wet,
And will never dry,
I cant go on,
I will not cry.

The rails have gone,
They wont be back,
All i can see now,
Is empty dark and black.

Im not meant to give up,
Im supposed to fight,
But ive climed to here,
To jump from this height.

*So here i jump,
Falling quick but slow,
"Watch out down there
Watch out below"..

This is a poem a friend gave me on the internet, but this is basically how i feel on most days!


it all started today at almost midday
sitting there i was thinking "no way..not today"
but then it happened and it wasnt good
then all at once we were all in a mood!
i hate myself most of the time as it is
why am i here, whats the cause of my "bis"
i feel a disgrace and i feel so alone
i want to be cut me up and disposed of my bones
i dont want the world to see me
as i dont think that they'd believe what i used to be
i used to be fun and also a laugh
but when i think of that i wanna barf
crying makes me feel so much worse
and then i just want to sit here and curse
but i am not totally like that so i hide away
not just for now but at least for the day
i feel i dont have the best family in my life
maybe if i did i would be much funner and full of life
i know you cant choose your family but you can your friends
but it often makes me so made sometimes, and drives me around the bend
dont get me wrong i do love them all
but they make me feel bad and i wanna ball
but thats them and they wont change never
not now, tomorrow, the next day not ever
so i guess we have to deal with it on our own way
and leave each memory for just another day
but that wont happen really in a hurry
so for now we just have to run and scurry!
until the day that whats done is done
and until then noones won
we all have a life and we all have feelings
but it doesnt matter to keep us reeling
i dream of the day when we are all sorted
until then i feel like im haunted
im haunted by the past that i had
which is probably why i feel so bad!!!!
i always seem to smile on the outside
but you'll never realise im crying on the inside
so now you know the real me
so you can go on and be what you want to be
...written 21.08.2007...

this was based upon another row and feelings i was having at the time


i am invisible to the naked eye
i know its true so dont ask why
i shouldnt be here and i know thats true
to bring her back, i bet your wondering who

i would make it so kimberley was here and well
to sing and dance to be praised aswel
for im just a bit of a waste of prescious time
for her to be here will be just fine

all them bad images are back in my head
i think its about time god put me back to bed
for it seems i have nothing to give
so why should i be here, why should i live

i have no-one to turn to, no-one at all
for my family seem to have a ball
its not what i asked for i didnt wanna be here
looks like im stuck here with nobody near

all i think of is the day when i die
then i will be happy and then i can fly
for i can sit on the clouds up above
and look down on those who DID give me love

but things wont change i will be stuck this way
so i will just dream of that peaceful day
i dream of the day when i can be set free
but dont dwell on that little person me

it sucks this time because i cant run and flee
so this time i have to suck it up and let things be
i hope this blows over and things get better
for i cant handle this no more not ever

written 23.08.07
because i have had a real bad day, and felt like my family had been totally outta order on this day!

The Way I Feel

i feel lost and confused
empty and used
why you ask me
i havent got a clue
why things have to be this way
and tell me that everything will be OK?
why do people have to sit there and lie
but even though i ask that i will never know why
for most people are generally hurtful.

its annoying becaues i get lied to day in day out
and its always later on that it comes about
what have i done to people for them to be this way
and at times i feel i will never be ok!
for im scared to believe in a friend or a best friend
because the others in my past who drive me around the bend
i dont understand why people have to pick little old me
but then things are the way they should be?
why in life is there these pain in the arse obsitcles!!?

...written 15th august 2007 ...

This is based upon what i was feeling at this point in my life,


this is me this is my life
will anyone take me 2 be a wife?
im often sad and i am quite a miserable cow
whats made me this way, why and how?!

im all over the place, myself and head
i feel at times im dreaming in bed
can anyone hear my calls my plea
for someone 2 help and direct lil old me

i cant and dont seem to wanna talk
because if i do it makes me walk
i feel like i wanna bury and hide
what im feeling inside

i feel so alone and confused inside
can anyone help me put my feelings aside
i really want to change and feel brand new
but all i can think is what i knew

i feel there is someone or something inside
tearing me apart and make me feel i want to hide
why am i like this i ask all the time
but all i do is cry and whine

why do i feel useless and alone
but when i talk about how i feel people moan
i cannot confess how i feel right now
even if i did what would become of me now?!!

written 10.08.07 based upon what i felt and saw within my self

There Once Was A Girl...

why do we have people as friends
they often drive ya round the bend!
the certain girl is a bitch
maybe a little witch!!
shes ruined me and ruined my life
and she deserves to be someones wife?!

she ruined my life and my head
i hope she realises that shes made her bed!
for the way shes hurt me i will often shed a tear
but i now know who my friends are and keep them near!
shes taken away from me my pride and some friends
and shes made me feel like i dont want to live and it was the end

i now am wise to what she had put through and how i felt
but im not going to let her affect me now and leave her to melt
over the year i keep letting her come back in
but every time she hurts me and then again she wins!!
im not going to bother with her not now not ever
for she is an evil cow and she wont change, never!!

Written by Me, Samantha Osman - based upon an incident with a friend a few years ago.

... Poetry In Motion ...

Hello and welcome to poetry in motion!

here you can view and read my poetry that i write in various 'moods'.
i have been writing or trying to keep a note of my writing for a few years now. I have written various things over the years, most of what i have written i have written about myself and how i feel or what is going on or just feeling low i put pen to paper regardless of the outcome!
i enjoy writing, and in a way it is a shame i just write when i am down, depressed and miserable, but i guess thats when i write the good stuff the meaningful to me stuff, even if others dont always agree with what i have written etc.
i havent thought about sharing everything until now, so this is a biggish step for me to actually share with you, random people! *lol*

It would help if i was to recieve some comments, followers, or just anything in general really, it be nice to get some perspective on my writing instead of me saving it and reading it back to myself in few months time, as in a way i kind of waste my little talents that i have.
Looking forward to seeing some new visitors and new followers etc.