sit alone in my room tears welling in my eye
i cant help but feel my life is passing me by
i cry cry and cry some more but nothing seems to work
all i am doing is upsetting myself and driving me bisurk
i dont deserve this life i dont deserve to be me
why cant i just rot alone or walk into the sea
no one sees me hurting or knows what to say
i thought i did myself proud for what i done today
being brave is very hard and not easy to come by
but now all i am doing is questioning myself and cant work out why
for world is just a big scarey place with loads of random people in
i feel like hanging from a tree having my bits dumped or binned
i love my family alot i do to the moon and back
but all i am to everyone is just a bit of slack
i wish i was normal so people may even want me
but no one seems to want me or take me as i be

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