Poem For My Nan..

This is a little something that i wrote for my nan, today is the anniversary of her death, and i always try and write a little something, as it shows that i am thinking of her.
Tonight, i plan to dig out my candles and write her name, or even the letter V ( her name's Violet ) in tealights and then light them when i feel ready to.
I may actually do this outside on the ground..  but would be even cooler if i could do it on the beach like all of the amazing blogs i've read on here..
Still, something i do should and will be a little bit special, even if it isnt the same as everyone else's ideas etc.

15 years has flown by fast
Why didn't the memories of you ever last
I miss you more each day
but I still love you Nan in every way
I still cant believe your gone.
I think of all that you missed out
Unfortunately this is something one can do about
For now I live with you in my head
And dream what could've been in my bed
But I wish I could be with you
I also wish i could bring you back just for the day
Just so i could make new memories come my way
It never gets easier each year passing by
I still question it, I wish I knew why
I really want to hear your voice again

R.I.P Nan, Always in my heart, Gone.. Not Forgotten!!