For My Nanny Lee (RIP 21.06.1940 - 06.03.1996)

wow 11 years have kinda flew by
all i seem to want to know is why
you left so soon without a proper goodbye
well now your safe up in the sky up so high

its a shame i dont remember much about you
but mum fills me in the bits that she knew
i was young when you had fell asleep and never woke up
but now i wish you was here to see me grow up

i know you are one of gods angel now
and i can seem to say is wow
i hope you found our kimberley up in the sky
and hope you are both looking down on us from up so high

you are always going to be my nanny lee
i guess sometimes things have to be
we all miss you and wish you hadn't left
but maybe sometimes we think it might had been for the best

goodnight gods angel up so high
when i look up at the stars i think of you in the sky
the sky is blue and the clouds are white
but without you blimey it bites!

written 25th june 2007

..I wrote this whilst i was thinking about my Nanny Lee.. although i dont remember much about her, i did my best! (i was 9 when she died)

Below are some pictures that i made with a website called Imikimi.


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