For My Bunny My Best Friend

Nibbles (RIP 3.06.05 to 08.04.07)

Nibbles my lovely lil rabbit
why did god come and take you away
i miss you more each day,
why does things end this way?

it feels it was only yesterday i held you in my hands
i would bring u back if only i had a few magic wands
i am sorry i havent really said goodbye
i dont want to and i dont know why

you were the best friend a young woman could ever have!
no other rabbit or person comes close to what we had!
i talked to you as if you were human
although you never replied, but thats because you cannot talk!

i miss them little kisses you always gave us
it feels as thought i often feel you licking again
i hope u knew how much i loved you when i wasnt around
i know i should had taken you to preston, but i wasnt aloud

i still came back and you was always excited to see me
just wish you was still here so i can hug thee
your always in my heart and most certainly in my mind
thinking about you and the things we shared helps me unwind

i got you on the 3rd of june
i was so excited and lucky to have had you
thanks for being a great pal to me and my family
just a shame that we will have to miss you now for all eternity

Written 14th july 2007

this is a poem i wrote for my Bunny/Best Friend Nibbles, i got him when he was a baby and he sat in the palm of my hands.. he was tiny, dearly missed to this day..

This is Nibbles, i got him on the 3rd June 2005 just a few days after my 18th Birthday.

This is Nibbles bit bigger, a few months or so before he died

This is a video that i made of Nibbles's images, and used a song from Oliver & Company a disney film, admittedly about a cat, but the song was meaningful to me and Nibbles, as i said he was my best friend.

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