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Hello and welcome to poetry in motion!

here you can view and read my poetry that i write in various 'moods'.
i have been writing or trying to keep a note of my writing for a few years now. I have written various things over the years, most of what i have written i have written about myself and how i feel or what is going on or just feeling low i put pen to paper regardless of the outcome!
i enjoy writing, and in a way it is a shame i just write when i am down, depressed and miserable, but i guess thats when i write the good stuff the meaningful to me stuff, even if others dont always agree with what i have written etc.
i havent thought about sharing everything until now, so this is a biggish step for me to actually share with you, random people! *lol*

It would help if i was to recieve some comments, followers, or just anything in general really, it be nice to get some perspective on my writing instead of me saving it and reading it back to myself in few months time, as in a way i kind of waste my little talents that i have.
Looking forward to seeing some new visitors and new followers etc.

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