There Once Was A Girl...

why do we have people as friends
they often drive ya round the bend!
the certain girl is a bitch
maybe a little witch!!
shes ruined me and ruined my life
and she deserves to be someones wife?!

she ruined my life and my head
i hope she realises that shes made her bed!
for the way shes hurt me i will often shed a tear
but i now know who my friends are and keep them near!
shes taken away from me my pride and some friends
and shes made me feel like i dont want to live and it was the end

i now am wise to what she had put through and how i felt
but im not going to let her affect me now and leave her to melt
over the year i keep letting her come back in
but every time she hurts me and then again she wins!!
im not going to bother with her not now not ever
for she is an evil cow and she wont change, never!!

Written by Me, Samantha Osman - based upon an incident with a friend a few years ago.

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