this is me this is my life
will anyone take me 2 be a wife?
im often sad and i am quite a miserable cow
whats made me this way, why and how?!

im all over the place, myself and head
i feel at times im dreaming in bed
can anyone hear my calls my plea
for someone 2 help and direct lil old me

i cant and dont seem to wanna talk
because if i do it makes me walk
i feel like i wanna bury and hide
what im feeling inside

i feel so alone and confused inside
can anyone help me put my feelings aside
i really want to change and feel brand new
but all i can think is what i knew

i feel there is someone or something inside
tearing me apart and make me feel i want to hide
why am i like this i ask all the time
but all i do is cry and whine

why do i feel useless and alone
but when i talk about how i feel people moan
i cannot confess how i feel right now
even if i did what would become of me now?!!

written 10.08.07 based upon what i felt and saw within my self

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