The Way I Feel

i feel lost and confused
empty and used
why you ask me
i havent got a clue
why things have to be this way
and tell me that everything will be OK?
why do people have to sit there and lie
but even though i ask that i will never know why
for most people are generally hurtful.

its annoying becaues i get lied to day in day out
and its always later on that it comes about
what have i done to people for them to be this way
and at times i feel i will never be ok!
for im scared to believe in a friend or a best friend
because the others in my past who drive me around the bend
i dont understand why people have to pick little old me
but then things are the way they should be?
why in life is there these pain in the arse obsitcles!!?

...written 15th august 2007 ...

This is based upon what i was feeling at this point in my life,

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