i am invisible to the naked eye
i know its true so dont ask why
i shouldnt be here and i know thats true
to bring her back, i bet your wondering who

i would make it so kimberley was here and well
to sing and dance to be praised aswel
for im just a bit of a waste of prescious time
for her to be here will be just fine

all them bad images are back in my head
i think its about time god put me back to bed
for it seems i have nothing to give
so why should i be here, why should i live

i have no-one to turn to, no-one at all
for my family seem to have a ball
its not what i asked for i didnt wanna be here
looks like im stuck here with nobody near

all i think of is the day when i die
then i will be happy and then i can fly
for i can sit on the clouds up above
and look down on those who DID give me love

but things wont change i will be stuck this way
so i will just dream of that peaceful day
i dream of the day when i can be set free
but dont dwell on that little person me

it sucks this time because i cant run and flee
so this time i have to suck it up and let things be
i hope this blows over and things get better
for i cant handle this no more not ever

written 23.08.07
because i have had a real bad day, and felt like my family had been totally outta order on this day!

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